Sunflare Songs/Records

We eat, sleep and breathe music. It has been a constant refrain (pardon the pun) for as long as we can remember. For some of us, we even teach music! 

The styles and artists in our stable of talent are growing. Composed (again, pardon the pun) of a unique bunch of musicians and a great “family” of musical friends make terrific ingredients for creativity and a genuine warmth among us. There are no attitudes – just a deep love for the music.

Our focus is recording, publishing and introducing other artists to music that they may be interested in recording for their own albums or projects.

Several of us do not tour or perform regularly, but instead, write, produce and teach. When you look toward the beams extending from Sunflare you see writers, performers, recording engineers, producers that create this warmth through sound.

Thanks for checking us out!