What happens when you blend in the sounds of Sunup (Garry Manuel & Goon Wilson) with their sons (Marshall Manuel & Ethan James)?

You get SONSUP!

Acoustic rock with gritty vocals that are laced with harmonies in the majority of the songs.

This album is a treasure, blending the styles and songs of Sunup in with the songwriting artistry of their sons, truly weaving a tapestry of life into the music that is both personal and celebratory. Aside from the Beatle cover of I'll Be Back, which features all four on vocals and some terrific upright bass by Ed Castilano, all the songs are penned by members of the group. Many of the songs are autobiographical and upbeat, featuring vocal harmonies and an abundance of acoustic guitar work. 

The Sunup songs were revamped to fit the style of Sonsup and kick things up another notch.

The recording engineering was done amazingly by Marshall Manuel and produced by Garry Manuel.

Other musicians featured on the album are Ed Castilano (brother of original Sunup bassist, Charlie Castilano). Ed is the consummate professional, who also performs with the Rochester Philharmoic Orchestra. H. Luke Anderson, who has his own great release out on Wavepool Records (and long time friend of Marshall's) and Ray Boss on drums, who has been friends with Marshall practically since birth and has been performing with Marshall since they began playing instruments.

The album will be released within weeks!